A Semi-Annual Update

Okay, so not really "semi-annual", but I'm here!

It's kind of hard to believe that my last real post was in January... Life has been...going, since then. Here is a brief rundown of my year so far:


I ended up getting a promotion at TD. As of August, I have moved on to a different company. I am absolutely in love with the culture there! I'm back to an entry level position, but it pays way more, and I can breathe!


I am 8 classes away from graduating! My coursework is so overwhelming, but thank goodness for friends who push me to be better.


The kids are well! They are growing up so fast! I'm still in a place with J... I honestly don't know where that is going to end up. But... We're here.

We moved to a bigger apartment, which reminds me so much of our old home before we came to Columbia.


Because of the move, we didn't get to go to Jamaica this year. We took the kids to the Georgia Aquarium for their birthdays. We went to the World of Coca-Cola for my birthday. Ivy had her first beach experience at Folly Beach. We went back to Atlanta for the 2nd Annual BWWPC Conference.


I left the B6 life and spent some time in an Erin Condren Hourly. I'm ending my year in pocket rings, which is close to where I started in the planning world. I'm participating in Super Wild 30, which starts tomorrow! It will be focusing on decluttering, lettering, creative journaling, and budgeting.

That sums up my year so far. I've been flying under the radar, just trying to work on me.

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  • Kay says:

    I’m Pepsi’s if you sis. Keep pushing. That degree will take you places. I see peace in your future.