2022 Year-End Reflection

You know... I always blog with the best intentions of continuing throughout the year, but the past few years have been a real struggle. It started with finding out that my ex's family and friends were reading the blog and then discussing their findings amongst their social circles. My blog no longer felt like a safe space for me, and I've found myself censoring my words to appease people who really do not matter.

Then, after my divorce, I found myself spending more time living (if I can call it that) and less time journaling. Turns out, my lack of journaling and planning has affected my ability to hold myself accountable for my actions.

Sidebar: Just like that, I've found my word for 2023: ACCOUNTABILITY

2022 Reflection - The Good

  • I earned my Master of Science in Information Technology from NC A&T. That degree earned me a promotion and a very nice raise, pushing me into the field of IT Management.
  • I survived my first full year as a single woman. I even managed to slide in a few dates this year.
  • I did a decent job on my fitness journey. I lost a total of five pounds, but we'll talk more about this in "The Bad".
  • I finally completed the Budget Summit that I was supposed to attend earlier this year.

2022 Reflection - The Bad

  • I didn't journal or plan at all this year.
  • My year-end finance audit indicates that I spent $84K... On what?!
  • I fell off on my fitness journey in October and didn't meet any of my goals for the last quarter of 2022.

Going into 2023

Q. In what areas do I need help?
A. In 2023, I really need to focus on my finances. With my new position, I am no longer eligible for overtime pay. I need a stricter outlook on my finances going forward.

Q. How can I do a better job at asking for help?
A. One of my major flaws is feeling like I have to suffer in silence. I can start by accepting that no one is perfect. Everyone needs help at some point. Even if that's advice on things that have worked for others.

Q. How can I ask for more of what I want?
A. In 2023, I'm making a promise to myself to not accept other people's bullshit. I'm no longer settling for being a "YES" person, and I'm no longer going with someone else's flow. I can ask for more of what I want by setting my expectations and not backing down from them.

Q. How can I slow down?
A. My life is pretty slow. However, I am an impulse buyer. I can slow down, financially, by questioning my spending. Is this something that I need? Is this a purchase that can wait? Is there enough in my Sinking Funds bucket, or can I take this money away from something else. Remind myself that what I'm spending today affects Future Me.

Q. How can my connections be deeper?
A. In 2022, I spent little to no time with my friends. I can deepen my connections by spending more time with my friends. I can also benefit from being a little less self-centered.

Q. How can I move more?
A. In 2022, I did a pretty good job at working out. I fell off in the latter part of the year, but I would like to commit to some form of physical exercise at least 5 days a week.

What about you? What are your goals for 2023?

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