2023 Year-End Reflection

Once again, I entered 2023 with the best intentions for this blog, but failed miserably. If I'm being completely honest, adulting is hard. I struggle to find balance, and end up just living and going through the motions. 2023 was one of the hardest years of my life. It just seems like what started with so much promise all burned to the ground within a matter of months.

2023 Reflection - The Good

  • I ended the year finding out that I got yet another promotion. As of 1/2, I am now a supervisor.
  • I'm 5 months pregnant.
  • I made it through a depression and didn't die.

2023 Reflection - The Bad

  • I didn't journal or plan at all this year.
  • My year-end financial status is TRAIN-WRECK. I didn't stick to my budget at all. The medical bills from this pregnancy are also draining my pockets.
  • I fell off on my fitness journey after getting pregnant.
  • I lost sight of who I am.

That brings me to my focus of 2024: FOUNDATION

Going into 2024

Q. In what areas do I need help?
A. In 2024, I really need to focus on my finances. I know I said this yesterday, but I mean it more than ever. I need a stricter outlook on my finances going forward, especially with a new mouth to feed.

Q. How can I do a better job at asking for help?
A. One of my major flaws is feeling like I have to suffer in silence. I can start by accepting that no one is perfect. Everyone needs help at some point. Even if that's advice on things that have worked for others.

Q. How can I slow down?
A. In 2024, I want to focus on rebuilding my life and figuring out what that looks like going forward. I want to build a strong foundation to support myself and my children. I want to take things slow and understand that building a strong foundation is not a quick and easy process.

Q. How can my connections be deeper?
A. In all honesty, I want to spend 2024 focusing on my family. I understand my need for companionship and friendships, but I feel like I need to get back to focusing on who I am as a person, as a mother, and as a friend...eventually, a lover.

Q. How can I move more?
A. In 2023, I started out on the right track. I mean, a girl looked GOODT. Then with the loss of one pregnancy that resulted in depression, I fell off and never found my way back. I want to start fresh in 2024.

What about you? What are your goals for 2024?

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  • Kay says:

    You didn't die!

    We as women have the world on our shoulders. We're carrying the load of the family, the outside world and our sanity. Thats not what god intended for us. Thats why he created a man. But them n#$%o's is waste land in this generation. You're doing such a good job. In the midst of the smoke you can't see your way just yet. But I have so much faith in you. You never surprise me when you make it through. You're a tough one.

  • Chantel says:

    happy 2024 - congrats on the promotion and pregnancy!

    Xx https://theactivespirit.com/