I’m a slacker, lol! But I really do have good intentions when it comes to blogging. Life has been coming at me in every direction these days.

My job has implemented rotating schedules. The range of shifts that I work makes it hard when it comes to my family and school. I’ve been making it work, but I’m trying to explore other options as well.

Since the last time I blogged, I’ve sold both of those B6 traveler’s notebooks. I’ve settled nicely into another brand of traveler’s notebooks by Salty Katie Co. I’ve also set up a new space in this tiny apartment that will be dedicated to photographing products. It’s big enough to fit some of my studio equipment and a nice wood table that we inherited. The table is also sturdy enough to double as a bench, so win!

We’ve taken trips to Orlando, Florida and Washington, DC. It’s been great for the kids to get out of the city and see more of the world. In Orlando, we went to a small water park and explored some of the city. In DC, I was attending the Black Women Who Plan And Create National Conference. We had Stephanie Fleming from Me and My Big Ideas and Carie Harling from Dispatches From The Frat House as keynote speakers. J and the kids went to Baltimore, MD before visiting the Smithsonian Zoo. The next day, we visited the National Museum of African American History before walking to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the city. There was so much that we couldn’t do in the day that we had.

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I think we are done traveling for 2017, but next year we are making plans to visit Jamaica and Vegas!

Family Vacation: What I Won’t Do Again

Bahamas Family Vacation

This year, we decided to take our first family vacation. It all started in January. His parents had already picked out a location. All I had to do was swipe my credit card and show up.

Our family vacation was a 5 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. We visited Nassua and Freeport, but it wasn’t anywhere near what I expected. The plan was to take tours of the sites. That idea turned into a riding tour that paused outside of the sites for only a few moments. Not even long enough to take photos.

What I Won’t Do Again

Bahamas Family Vacation First off, I will never travel with that many people. Ever! I understand that this was our family vacation, but there were 16 of us total. Of that 16, there were only 7 adults. The teenagers clung to my husband and I, because we are the most laid back. What was supposed to be fun turned into me being annoyed by how childish and unruly they were. It felt more like babysitting than vacation. We eventually ditched them.

Second, I will stick to my own plans. We had ideas of how we wanted to spend our days. The kids wanted to go to the beach. We wanted to do a walking tour and spend time exploring the city. Somewhere along the line, everyone decided that we should just follow the more experienced travelers. They had already been to the island multiple times, so they would know all of the good places to go. While the Baha Mar resort was nice, our visit was limited to 30 minutes.

The vacation was fun, but I found myself letting my attitude get the best of me. I snapped at my fair share of people, and the last night was a complete disaster. Life is a learning experience, though. I learned that family vacations need to be focused on our family, and not the entire family. Next time will be better.

I will make another post soon with the photos of things we did get to experience.