Today's #30Layers30Days prompt is Lurking. "When we ignore parts of ourselves, those parts act out in our lives in subtle ways." ((Quoted from GG Renee))

What is the elephant in the room of your mind? What issue, big or small, are you avoiding because you feel you don't have the time or energy to deal with it?

Is there only room for one elephant?! Let's talk about the biggest one: marriage. My marriage is far from perfect. We are merely two people who exist and share a home and children. There's the smaller issue of communication, which makes up a large part of the big issue. We don't communicate. When we do, it usually results in an argument. I'm tired of arguing.

It's easier to avoid talking about it because it's such a draining topic. It sucks the life out of me, and nothing ever gets accomplished. So why bother, right?

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