Yet Another New Beginning

Once upon a time, I lived for blogging. Sometimes I wrote multiple posts a day, detailing every single aspect of my life. That was a time when oversharing was the norm. Back when everyone was creating a blog as a new come-up.

I've never been big on monetizing my blog, even though I tried once or twice. I find myself marching to the beat of my own drum... Easily turned off by anything that starts to feel more like a job than a hobby. That's where I was with blogging.

Thirteen years later and here I am again. Feeling an urge to own my space on the web again. Feeling an urge to get back to what makes me happy. This year has been amazing for me. I have a new job. School is going well. I've started to find out who I really am, and started to do things that interest me.

I lost myself in being a mother and wife. I let those things become a crutch... An excuse as to why my life was boring. I found myself becoming this unrecognizable person, losing the light in my eyes.

So I'm back again. Hopefully for a while, but I can't make any guarantees. At the end of the day, this is a part of my journey. I'm trying to birth a vision that I've had for some time. It's time to continue finding myself, and I hope that you'll stick around for the ride.

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  • Harper says:

    GET BACK TO IT IM NOSEY! lol i like this name! It reminds me of the Nickelodeon show.

    • Terin says:

      I'm trying! I have so many ideas, I don't even know where to start.

  • Amanda Nicole says:

    New Beginning are normal! Welcome Back!