Happy Birthday, Munchkins!

Birthday time!

It has been a fun filled week with my babies! We started on Wednesday with a mini photo session for the two of them. I got a chance to test out my new lens, as well as get some updated photos of them.

On Thursday, I surprised JJ and his classmates with cupcakes for lunch, and a junk food birthday party that night. On Friday, he went to the circus, then had a night of pizza and movies.

Ivy's 4th birthday was on Saturday. Her one request was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. We went early because they were completely booked for the day, but she still had a great time. She even took a picture with Chuck E. She spent the afternoon shopping with her dad, before settling in to binge watch Supergirl.

Today, they had their birthday dinner with my in-laws, which involved more pizza. They received gift bags full of junk, and are currently bouncing off the walls.

Someone save me... PLEASE.

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  • Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday to the little ones! I can't tell you how much I despise chuck-e-cheese. It's like every kids favorite place to go. My daughter requests it every year. How aren't they tired of it?!

  • Chantel says:

    The babies! so cute.

  • Brandy says:

    I'm not a parent, but I can totally understand why ANY adult despises Chuck-E-Cheese. It's loud, rambunctious, and just...too much. to me, it's a germ palace. I cringe at the fact that I used to actually enjoy going to these places as a kid, but it's a completely different experience as an adult.