...I had every intention of finishing that vent. Truth is, I'm over it, lol! I had an epiphany, and suddenly bed rest isn't all that bad.

The first day, JJ and I spent coloring and just plain having fun. I was happy...he was win. On Day 2, I decided to go back to the Mac. I updated WordPress; uploaded some pictures; browsed Baby Gaga. I also decided to start this whole potty training thing again.[1. He only peed on the carpet once...] I'm still trying to get him to tell me that he has to go, but progress is progress...right?[2. I really could use any tips you have. Really!]

I also decided to use my invite to Influenster. I spent a good chunk of my day reviewing products and doing surveys. I didn't think I'd like it, but it's proven to be quite fun. Before I knew it, it was 8pm, and time for Hubby to come home. I feel happy and rejuvenated. No complaints about that at all.

Today is day 3, and I'm kind of on pins and needles. My sister called me at 2am to tell me that they were flying my dad to ICU for a possible heart attack. I found out four hours later, that he did suffer an acute heart attack, but he's stabilized. I really want to go see him, but my mother already called, and warned me that I better not set foot out of the house. Eh. I'll try my hardest to stay home, but I can't make any guarantees. On top of that, today is also the day that Bank of America makes a decision about my short term disability. I'm expecting them to approve it, but with the boss that I have? Who knows what's going to happen.

To keep me sane and not worried, I'll be downgrading my phone back to stock and patiently awaiting the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update. I'll be downloading it, too...just in case they decide to change their mind...

P.S. You all should be proud. This entire post was typed using IE 10.

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  • Deon says:

    Unfortunately, the only advice I have for you isn't an option for you right now. The best way to potty train is the best way to teach anything, by example.