Keeping It

6:44pm. So...after doing some "soul searching", I've decided to keep my Samsung Galaxy S III. I was tempted to switch back to the iPhone, but after spending more time with the S3...

I've decided that I can't part with the simultaneous data/voice. I also enjoy being able to customize the phone without having to root it. LOL! I spent some time designing a wallpaper; choosing icons that would match perfectly; and finding a case. The end result? A phone that I can't keep my hands off.

I'm letting my sister-in-law have my upgrade, so I can only hope and pray that I'm making the right decision. I'll also be getting J his iPhone 5...hopefully by the end of the year.

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  • Shanice says:

    I keep seeing this phone everywhere, and it has me considering cheating on Apple. Your adorable pink case and screenie doesn't help my iPhone's case either. lol

  • Brit. says:

    That Samsung is sexy. I'm such an Apple fan-girl though. I'll be eligible for an upgrade in a few days and i'll be picking up the iPhone 5. Looking at the Samsung makes it just a tad bit difficult to stay loyal to Apple, lol.

  • Deon says: