Happy New Year!

WOW! It is OFFICIALLY 2022! I really wanted to make a year-end post, but lately, I’ve been struggling trying to find the words.

The last two weeks of 2021 were very eventful. My ex-husband moved the rest of his things, so I took the opportunity to do a deep clean of my space. The kids and I washed every single piece of laundry. We went through every cabinet, closet, and drawer to clean out things that were no longer needed. We cleaned every room from top to bottom, and did some rearranging. I got a new bedroom set and moved the old one to my daughter’s room. Her old bed moved into my son’s room to upgrade him to a king size bed. I bought new dinnerware and silverware sets. And I just feel GOOD!

This is the first time in my 36 years that I have truly lived without another adult. I thought I would be nervous about him leaving for good, but I’ve been sleeping fine at night. Overall I’m in a great space. I still have lots of decorating to do… I haven’t quite decided on a color scheme, but Pinterest is my new best friend.

The last step is my name change, which is still being held up by the Social Security Office being closed due to COVID. I was hoping to get it done before year-end, but… Omicron.

On to some more positivity…

I ended the year with a promotion! I am officially the Lead Trainer for my department. I have so many plans to update the department’s training program, and I cannot wait to get started.

I feel so good about 2022! I’m going into this year with a fresh start and a new outlook on life. I’m going into 2022 as a free woman. This is the year where I finally focus on myself and getting to know me.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2022, and make some meaningful goals for yourself.


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