Ivy's First Zoo Trip

8:08pm. Since we moved to the city, I've been working pretty much every Saturday. We have been making the best of the weekends by trying to do family things when I get off. The weather was beautiful this weekend! It reached a high of 73, which made going out perfect. Yesterday, we took the kids to the park, and today we made our way to the zoo!

It was Ivy's first time visiting the zoo, and JJ's second. Here are a few highlights from our day.

We managed to make it through the entire park without Ivy getting cranky. I'm just glad that everyone enjoyed the outing. What did you do this weekend?

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  • Kay says:

    You guys look great! I love the zoo. Savannah can't ride pass it without having a fit. Cant wait for us to have good weather again. You guys look like you haven't even been touch by the winter bug.

    • terin says:

      Thanks, Kay! We've had a few days of the "wintry mix". A couple of weeks ago, they closed everything down for three days due to ice. It's really back and forth weather here.