Happy Easter

7:32pm. I haven't been away intentionally! LOL! I'm currently in the process of a big change that I'm still not ready to announce. Let's just say... It involves a lot of boxes and not having Internet service (temporary). That's why I haven't been blogging...and I've really been wanting to blog.

Anyway. I took off a couple of days for Easter weekend to spend with my toddler; only to find out that he thinks daycare is a lot more fun than I am. I'm glad that my feelings aren't easily hurt. I actually spent my days (and nights) fueling my Sims 3 addiction... So much more fun than packing!

I did take today off to play with JJ's super cool bubble gun and to watch Daddy's supervising skills while JJ dyed eggs for the first time. He only broke one! At the end of the day...I'm not looking forward to my weekend being over. Back to work and back to drama.

♥ Moi

P.S. I hope you all have great Easter Sundays!

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  • Darianne says:

    I hope you had a great Easter as well!

  • Kay says:

    Savannah would of played with the dye instead of dipping the egg. JJ is good. I hope you enjoyed your EASTER!!!