App of the Week: Tadaa!

So I'm supposed to be extremely busy doing all of these other important things, and I'm at home playing with my iPhone. [1. Go figure!] Here's what happened...

I was relaxing in bed, browsing the internet, and somehow I came across I looked at it and said...hmm this is interesting, let me check it out. I grabbed my phone and downloaded it. I have to say that I am impressed.

I've been trying out a lot of different photo apps ever since the "Facebook/Instagram thing". [2. I don't do all] I have to say that Tadaa is my absolute favorite, so far. I love the editing tools and the social part... Mainly the photo reply- It's great for challenges. The PC view isn't too shabby, either. Right now, there is some lag because of the increase in traffic, but I'm expecting some great things from the app.

♥ Moi

P.S. I'll be back to do a real post later.

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