Don't Fix Me, Love Me

Today's prompt for #30Layers30Days is Don't Fix Me, Love Me.

Name something about your appearance or personality that used to make you feel insecure or inadequate but now you have grown to love it. Why are you now grateful for it? What changed your perspective?

On thing that I've always struggled with is my personal appearance. As a child, it was my weight. I was insanely skinny... To a point where I was teased and called anorexic. I didn't weigh over 100 pounds until after I got married. After I got over the weight gain issue, I found a new one. Acne. I think, for me, this is what made me really insecure. I didn't want to go out. I held my head down a lot. I felt like people only saw the acne.

When I was still at Bank of America, a customer came in and told me, "Stop looking down. You are beautiful." And I did. I realized that people are going to love me because of who I am on the inside.

Everyone has a flaw. Whether it is visible or not.

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