Today's #30Layers30Days prompt is Representative. "Your representative is a mask you wear or a front you put on to keep up an image that is not authentically you ((Quoted from GG Renee))."

How is your representative (past or present) different than the real you? Why did you (or do you) feel that she was necessary?

My representative is everything that I want to be. I am a ball of anger and depression. I'm a homeboy who has random suicidal thoughts. My representative hides all of that. She's happy and always smiling. She enjoys her life. She is open and outspoken. She has friends. She exists because I feel like the real me is pathetic.

It's easier to wear a mask that hides the somewhat complex person that I truly am. It's easier than trying to explain my life to people and subjecting myself to judgment that I can't handle.

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