I'm back once again. This time via Samsung Galaxy S3. My husband and I have switched phones. He now has my G Note II.

I really just need to vent.

Friday morning when I was showing J how to use his new phone he clicked on a message from someone not in his contacts. The message was along the lines of "I can't stop dreaming about me and you", "my body can't take this", etc. I didn't immediately ask him about it. I trust him for the most part.

So, he got up at 3:30am to go to the gym and my mind immediately gets to work...wondering if he is really going to the gym. I sent him a text, asking about the girl who sent that message. He's like "Oh she has a man and she comes to me for advice."


He goes on to say that other [female] coworkers told him that the girl liked him, but he didn't see it. He was just being nice. Then I asked how she got his number and he told me that she stole it from his employee file.

Do I believe him? Yes, because he's never given me a reason not to. But you better believe that I'm going to be a little more watchful. And I think me and her need to have a little talk...

-sigh- Just trifling. /end vent

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