Life Is...

…going good. I’m still minus a camera phone, but at least I still have money left over from my check…which was significantly less that what I’m used to getting.

I’m still around as you can see. Just been busy working…seeing Jermaine on my days off…(only had one since the 4th) and I’ll see him tomorrow. Today, Q asked me if Jermaine and I were together, and well…it’s not a secret because everyone else knows that we are…at least everyone who’s around here. We were texting, so I don’t know really know how he took the news.

My phone bill is here…it’s $1037.95, with only $140 of it being my part…the rest are international charges from Q’s line. By the time that gets paid, it’ll be time for my cruise. Don’t think I mentioned it, but I’m going to the Bahamas as a birthday present from my parents…in August.

I think that’s about it. I’m off for the next two days. Have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to get this cancer stuff checked out…I haven’t been back to a doctor in about a year. :-< Guess I need to go before it gets worse. Anyway, I’ve returned comments already. Have a great night, people!

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