Home Alone...Kinda

So my whole family - cousins and everyone else - are in Valdosta, GA @ Wild Adventures theme park, and I’m stuck at home. Why? Because I have to work tonight. So I missed out on the big family reunion. I guess it’s not such a big deal because it’s Jermaine’s birthday weekend, and I had the house to myself to cook him a nice big meal. So, last night I made grilled steak, fried shrimp, and loaded baked potatoes (w/ cheese, bacon, sour cream, butter, and chives) with yellow rice. It turned out really great despite the fact that it was almost midnight when he got here from work. Then since he was tired, I gave him a back and neck massage until he fell asleep. 🙂 Now I just have to find him a present for his birthday tomorrow.

It’s tax-free weekend in SC, so that means I’m probably going to have a somewhat busy night. :-< As long as everyone shows up, I’ll be fine. Marcus called me yesterday asking me to come to work. I told him that I had plans and he just hung up. I mean…how fucking rude can you get? I was just about to ask him what time he would need me, and I thought about calling back, but I said to myself: He just hung up on me…his loss. When Jermaine got here, he told me that Patricia was there by herself because everyone else had called out. :-< But I bet no one will get fired…as usual. My phone was supposed to be overnighted, but it got stuck at customs. The UPS site says that it’ll be here today, but the lady who I talked to last night said it’ll be here on Monday. LOL, if I didn’t have to work, I’d go and pick it up from Columbia…but I can be patient…I guess. Thanks for all the comments guys…I feel loved. I’m going to try and return as many as I can before I have to get dressed for work.

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