Do I or Don't I

I’m still trying to decide if I like the job or not. Sometimes, I want to go back to RT, but that means I’ll have to deal with a couple of perverted managers and backstabbing people. Then at FL, everyone’s all cool and happy….no one really says anything to anyone…just do our work and go home. I get to close tonight, so I can learn how to do it. 🙁 I hope it doesn’t take long to do, but then again, I’m off tomorrow. I’ve been learning a lot there…I know a little bit more than my boss does now. :))

Life outside of work is pretty much non-existent. I spend about 12 hours a day between trying to get to work and actually working (9 hours w/ break) and getting home. So if I work in the morning, I’m gone all day. Today and yesterday aren’t bad because I get some time to myself in the mornings when I’ve slept too much already. I get to see Q next weekend. I’ll get to spend Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning with him. 😀 I guess I’ll be cleaning this place up again tomorrow, and work on my budget…it needs to be redone now.

Returned comments, thanks guys, catch up with you next time.

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