Updating Soon

Silly me..I thought I had all my files backed up only to find out that I have none. LOL! So I get to start all over….YAY!

Thanks to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN caching my site, I found copies of all my pages. 😀 Great right? Anyway, the new layout is up…finally.

On another note, life is going fine. Q’s still in Virginia so I can’t see him for another 10 days. 🙁 I miss him, then he’s always so tired that we don’t get to talk much either. It’s gonna suck when he goes to Iraq. I’ve decided that I’m not going to rush him to get married anymore. It seems like he doesn’t want that anymore, so yeah….whatever. No love lost.

I have to work tomorrow so I’m gonna cut this short. Thanks for the comments! Later.

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