August Already???

Well, shit! I can’t believe it’s already August. Per usual, I’ve been neglecting this place. Honestly, I don’t even know why I still do this. I guess I kind of like having my lil’ space, but this shit is so different now. Like…I miss having an online journal. Like REALLY REALLY miss it. But, at the same time I’m like damn…I can’t be out here doing this shit.


35th Birthday

I haven’t really posted an update since the beginning of June. Nothing new. With the Rona, it seems like all the days are running together. I’m well. The kids are well.

Last month, I turned 35. I took the week off to chill. Went bowling with the kids. Spent a weekend in the country with my parents. Did a little self-care. Got a new therapist. Got my birth control removed. It was everything that I didn’t realize I needed. This new chapter has definitely brought some clarity along with it. I don’t worry as much. I’m not having as much trouble sleeping. I just overall feel better.

There is a lot going on that I still haven’t put into words. It’s coming, though. Promise. Might even be in August.

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  1. Happy belated 35th birthday, Terin! Low-key birthdays are sometimes the best way to celebrate. Yes to new therapist and self-care time. ????????

    P.S. Found your blog through Amanda’s (She Conquered).

  2. It’s honestly been such a whirlwind of a year that time seems to be flying by like crazy.

    Blogging isn’t how it used to be. Then I wonder if people my age felt this way years ago when I was just starting to blog. I’ve stumbled across many blogs of teens and twenty something year olds more recently and they seem to be having a grand ole time lol

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Self care is always needed. I’d wager that if you partook in self care more often, you’ll begin to find clarity in many other things.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Life is running funny for all of us. I think what I miss the most about blogging is the community. It seems rooted in ads and perfection. Aint a damn thing perfect here. But whatever. I’ve been trying to convince myself to spend a weekend away for awhile now, I’m in between spending and saving. Maybe I’ll just take a trip to DC soon and stay at somebody house. SLEEP? What is that?

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