Wow, 2020! Really?!

If 2020 was a meme.

If 2020 was a meme, it would definitely be this one. This has been a helluva year, and we are only at the half-way mark. There is so much to unpack, so I figured I’d do a month-by-month breakdown.

January 2020

Y’all remember that time I started a 365 Blogging Challenge? Again…for the umpteenth time? I had soooooo many good intentions for this blog in 2020, but that fell FLAT after 4 damn days. Here’s what happened:

On January 4, I wrote this post about how excited and motivated I was about revamping T. Selena Photography. A few days later, I was called up to HR, where they informed me that I was being placed on probation for not reporting my hobby/side hustle. Apparently, they received an anonymous report that I was doing business, discussed it with Legal, and determined that I needed to report all income regarding this hobby to them. It ended up not being an issue, because I was making less than $500 a year from the hobby. But, the damage was done.

Every ounce of excitement that I felt about doing something positive for ME was stripped away in a matter of seconds.

Not to mention my white coworker with a full-blown photography business did not receive the same treatment, but who am I to throw her under the bus?

Anyway, the month ended with my son (and his entire class) being sick with an unknown illness. Both the kids celebrated their birthdays. Life was great with the exception of Kobe, GiGi, and their friends/family passing.

February 2020

Last December, I applied for the Graduate College at North Carolina A&T. At the beginning of February, I received my acceptance offer, which I immediately accepted. Starting in August, I will officially be a NCAT student, and I am beyond excited!

March – May 2020

ALL THE SHIT HITS THE FAN! COVID-19 forced me into homeschooling and remote work. Once upon a time, I had a dream of being a teacher, but I was promptly reminding of all the reasons I changed my mind. This shit is HARD! And I’m glad it’s summer break.

While I’m grateful to have my job, I’m still struggling to find balance most days. I’ve been struggling with actually leaving home, so I bought some patio furniture. Sitting outside is better than not going out at all, right? A huge shoutout to Animal Crossing for helping me keep my sanity. Y’all don’t even want to know how many hours I put into it.

Present Day

There is so much going on in the world, and none of it is new to my people…BLACK PEOPLE. I’m trying to navigate being Black in this country. Being a Black woman in this country. Being a Black mother to Black children in this country. And it’s hard. I just want to say that I love y’all, Black people. Continue to fight for justice. Continue to educate your children about truths of our past. No justice. No peace.

I will continue to fight to make this a better world for my children, just like the generations before us fought to end segregation. Just like the generations before them fought to end slavery.


Image Credit: American Son: Netflix

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  1. 2020 most definitely started off crazy… and continues to keep being just that! Having to work from home definitely helped me to see that I truly rely on a routine. During the middle of all of this quarantine mess, I ended up going off routine, which I found to become a problem. I’m only just now getting back into a healthy routine.

    Honestly, if I were you, I definitely would have made a big deal with HR regarding the fact that you were singled out like that. It’s no coincidence that you were and the white woman at your job wasn’t. However, I know it can’t be easy making the decision not to throw her under the bus. It’s a tough call but I’d definitely feel some type of way about the situation.

  2. This year is a piece of shit! I mean, straight ghetto asssssss mess. Acting like a bitch on food stamps. Although, I like food stamps. Eating and the government gets to pick up the check, why not.

    You have come this far, why turn back now. You’re just at a stand still waiting to move forward. I look at all of this as us sitting in traffic caught in a freak accident that is soooo tragic that we basically have to cancel plans for the night. We’re stuck until the accident is cleaned up and it’s safe for us to proceed on.

    Watchu think?

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