Photography Resurrected – 004/365

T. Selena Photography

I did a thing, and brought back T. Selena Photography.

Since high school, I have been dabbling in photography on and off. Every few years or so, I would start a business, then realize that I prefer it as a hobby. Mostly because owning a business is hard work. I am also super critical of myself… Sometimes I feel like I’m not as good as other photographers. Other times, I struggle with figuring out what to charge. (Which always ends up being way less than my worth, because I don’t want to “hurt people’s pockets.”)

So I quit. Plain and simple. I would still do my annual holiday event and a couple of random sessions if people family asked. But marketing myself and promoting a business? Absolutely not. Problem is… People like my work. During December 2019’s holiday event, I made 3 times more than previous years!

How it all started…

Honestly, I have to give credit to my co-worker. The motivation to bring back the business started with her asking for my website address, which at the time was a holding space for my client galleries. She looked at my work, then proceeded to show it to her family and friends. That turned into asking for my business card and price list (which I didn’t have).

So, the Sunday before New Year’s Day, I woke up determined to get this shit together. I had already created the logos for the annual event. I upgraded my Pixieset account, then spend most of the day researching prices for my area. I updated my portfolio and worked on the website page by page. I created another Facebook page and updated the business’s Instagram. Next week, I’ll be registering the business and applying for my license.

I didn’t make any plans for 2020, but it looks like 2020 has plans for me. I didn’t realize how much I had grown as an individual. Four days into the year, and wow! Who am I?

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