New Year, New…Never Mind – Day 001/365

Let me start by saying, “Happy New Year!”

A bit of reflection about what I’ve been up to since the last New Year’s Day? I had more [paid] photography gigs; took my first flight to Vegas; graduated; and I started therapy. I ended the year by revamping my photography website to prepare for business in 2020. There are some other things that I have placed in motion, that I hope to be able to share soon. But, that is not the reason for me resurfacing on this blog.

I made a decision…

I woke up this morning, and my first thought was: I need to change my diet. For the last 13 years, I have been struggling with adult acne. I’ve tried so many different routines to try and correct it, but nothing works. The one thing that I have never tried is changing the way that I eat.

I spent the morning researching low and high glycemic foods, as well as foods that can cause or worse acne. I also joined a PoC Skincare group on Facebook to learn more about products that would work best for my skin. The one thing about living in South Carolina is that it is hard to find a Black dermatologist. The products I’ve been prescribed so far by dermatologists don’t work for me at all.

So starting today, no dairy or sugar, and limiting caffeine and meat. It’s also time for my Nexplanon to be removed. I’ll be trying to work out more and drink more water. I also picked up some vitamins, a new face wash, and moisturizer.

So hopefully, I’ll see some improvements within the next couple of months. I just need to be healthier overall, and losing weight in the process would be a win.

2020 is going to be a year of reflecting and changing how I navigate life. I’ll be back soon.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Congrats on the photography! GRADUATION! What ever happens in VEGAS(insert eyes) LOL.

    I want to jump on the better diet wagon. I can tell the difference in my body due to my poor diet as well. I’ll be following up to see the process.

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