Doh! I Forgot Something!

Friday night. I had just picked up my new camera body and needed to get some test shots for an upcoming shoot. I get to the location, and DOH! I forgot the SD cards in my other camera body! I rushed to the nearest store, picked up 2 overpriced SD cards, and raced back to the location.

After setting up for the second time, I'm ready to shoot... Why won't this thing turn on? I had it working earlier... Did I get a bad camera body? But then I remembered the truth! I had taken the battery out to charge it.

Feeling dejected and upset with myself, I turned to my volunteer and said,

I don't have the battery for the camera.

She prompted asked if I had my iPhone. She had heard that it takes really great photos in portrait mode. So, determined to get some shots from our test, I pulled out my phone and turned on Portrait Mode.

I took a few shots from my iPhone using only the lights that were available on site. Seeing these shots made me even more excited about what's to come! I am quite pleased that I was able to get a few usable shots.

Lesson of the day: Don't rush! Make a checklist and look at it! Check and double check my bag.

P.S. You can see the full gallery here!

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