005 | Life Update

It's May... I'm stopping by for a few updates.

Update #1

That replacement iPhone 6S turned into a Nexus 6P. LOL! It's so hard to stay away from Android. As much as I love it, I'm excited about the next iPhone and WWDC. I've been working on trying to get a decent screen for the iPhone 6 that J dropped weights on so that I can have a device for iOS 10... I'll keep you updated on that one.

Update #2

I'm still planning... and spending a ridiculous amount of money on planners! I'm actually planning a destash of the few that I have left. I ordered a Filofax Malden, and I can't wait to get it. The Inkwell Press has been converted into a budget calendar. I think I may start posting more about my planning and quest to find planner peace.

Update #3

I got a promotion! TD Lexington's only Black IRA Ops Rep 3! It was completely unexpected, but well deserved. I've been working really hard, and feeling really unappreciated. At the point where I was ready to give up and find somewhere that would appreciate my talents, my boss announced my promotion and that I was Employee of the Month!

That's pretty much it. I'm well. The family is well. I have some visions for where I want to go with the domain. I've gotten rid of a few other domains because I feel like it would be much easier to manage one. I'm not a huge fan of subdomains, but if I am going to have them, terin.me is perfect for that. Besides, it's officially the domain that I've owned the longest.

Stay tuned... Hopefully I don't fall off the wagon again before I get my thoughts situated.

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  • Rae B says:

    Congratulations on your promotion girlie! That's big and like you said, I'm glad that they showed their appreciation for all of the work you put in.

    I've been absent from the planning community in regards to purchasing here and there because I felt my spending getting out of hand. LOL! I do know that I still appreciate my Go To Workbook and I'm looking forward to using it next year as well. I do plan to get back into my evenings planning but this week has been crazy. LOL!

    Glad you're well!