Two Columns

Today's #30Layers30Days prompt is Two Columns.

Think about the goals you are working toward right now and why you want to accomplish those things. Think about the WHY behind your goals. You can use the two columns method for this or flush it out in your own way.


∙Go back to school

∙Fix my marriage

∙Be a great mother

∙Start my own business

Reasons Why

∙I want to get a degree, not only because everyone thinks I should, but because I need it to move to another level in life.
∙I want to fix my marriage because I'm from a family that doesn't really believe in divorce.  So that my children can enjoy growing up in a two parent home.
∙I want to be a great mother because every child deserves to have an awesome parent who loves and cares about them unconditionally.
∙I want to start my own business because people think I'll be great at it.

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