Limitations & Affirmations

Today's #30Layers30Days prompt is Limitations & Affirmations. Limiting thoughts have a way of popping up when we are trying to rise to our next level. These thoughts tells us that we can't do it, it will be too hard, or we're not enough or we're too much ((Quoted from GG Renee)).

Do you think your personality, appearance or background holds you back? What kinds of limitations do you harbor in your mind? Counter each limitation with a positive affirmation to reverse it.

I do believe that there are things about me that hold me back. I'm not happy with my appearance. I haven't finished my degree. I'm shy around new people, and I'm a procrastinator. I rarely have faith in myself, and I make a lot of excuses as to why I can't do something.

As far as limitations that harbor in my mind... I have plenty! As far as countering them with a positive affirmation... Let's give it a shot!

  • People look at me differently because I still suffer from acne.
    Looks aren't everything. I'm still a beautiful and smart young woman. Most people don't even see the acne when looking at me. They are more impressed by my talents.
  • I can't do anything different in my career because I don't have a degree.
    There isn't anything ((Unless you count how ridiculously expensive it is to attend college)) stopping me from going back to school. My husband is taking his final exam for Fitness Trainer Certification. I've taken 95% of my core classes. I have an awesome support system. My father and mother both went back to get degrees, so why can't I? On the other hand, I've done quite well for myself without a degree. First hand experience ((Which I have a lot of...)) is everything.
  • I don't have what it takes to be self employed.
    This isn't true at all. It's the procrastinator in me that doesn't want to be self employed. I have a fear of not being able to meet expectations. There's a level of creativity that lays dormant within. All it needs is for me to believe in myself, like others believe in me.

Those are three of my main limitations. I can do so much more if I actually put my mind to it. I should stop being comfortable with my current mindset and make some changes. I need to make some changes.

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