Today's #30Layers30Days prompt is: Praise. "When we receive love and praise for things that are deeply meaningful to us, it affirms a calling we have inside that we may or may not fully understand. The goal of this exercise is to give yourself more credit and pay more attention to the light that you naturally offer to the world ((Quoted from GG Renee))."

First, what do people praise you for? What compliments do you get most often? Do you receive these compliments graciously or do you deny them and push them aside, feeling unworthy?

People praise me on my wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything tech. People compliment me on my ability to solve any tech problem within a matter of minutes. And I do receive those compliments graciously. Why? Because I worked hard to gain that knowledge. And I deserve it. People also compliment me on my knowledge of the bible. Those compliments... I push them aside. I'm not anywhere close to where I need to be spiritually, so it definitely doesn't feel well deserved.

Second, what praise do you most love to receive?

I love all praise. I'm more of the type to fly under the radar. I keep a lot of what I can do to myself because I have a fear of not being able to live up to people's expectations. It makes me feel great when people recognize me for what I'm good at, and it presses me to continue to move forward with my dreams.

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