Today's #30Layers30Days prompt is 100%.

Where in your life are you not showing up 100%? Relationships, love, sex, jobs, roles, dreams, goals. etc. How often do you talk yourself out of saying things you need to say or doing things you really want to do because you are afraid of rejection or judgment?

Here's some truth for you. I can't really say that I'm showing up 100% in my life... AT... ALL... If I'm really being honest with myself, my whole life is a lie. I'm at a point where I spend most of my days in a depressed state. I'm genuinely unhappy even though I smile all of the time.

It's to a point where I don't even show up 100% with my babies. I tend to keep quiet because it seems like every conversation turns into an argument when I'm at home. When I'm at work, I just want to work. There are so many times that I get ticked off, but then again... I'm the new girl. I don't want to come off the wrong way. I find myself keeping everything in, all of the time.

Unfortunately, it affects every aspect of my life. And that's keeping it 100.

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