Goodbye Weekend

7:49pm. Another weekend has come and gone. It's particularly hard for me, because I worked yesterday. By the time I got home ((At 2:40pm...mind you!)),I was too tired to do anything else. Not to mention it was raining cats and dogs.

This morning, my baby girl ((Ivy, in case you forgot.)) had a high fever. All she wanted to do was lay around and look miserable. JJ requested cereal, oatmeal, and pancakes. And guess what?? He had all three, because I'm determined to fatten him up.

My boy will be four on the 26th and he is still so small ((Like they might think he's malnourished if I take him to the doctor small)). I guess I can't expect him to be super big, because I'm not big at all. A lot of people thought my parents were starving me when I was a kid. And it really doesn't help that Ivy is almost as big as him, and she's not even one yet.

But I'm getting off track...

Tomorrow it will be back to work and reality. I'm still trying to wrap my head around my new office. We're fully staffed, but we have to work three to four Saturdays a month. It's such a hassle since we never get off on time. I have to ask my sister to keep the kids or my husband has to rearrange his schedule. It's not fun.

The weekend, mainly Saturday, used to be my time to spend with the kids. During the week, we're all on the go. I drop them off at 7:30am and don't see them until 6pm. Basically, with the way this banking center does schedules, I only have Sunday to spend with my children. And to think that I work for a company that claims to be one of best for working mothers.

I'm not seeing that right now. So who knows? A change may be in my future.

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  • Kay says:

    My poor baby. Savannah had a high fever, throwing up among other things. Now she just have a runny nose. Boy O boy!

    Congrats on your new office. Sucks your job is taking up more of your time. I know how you feel. My last job made me feel that way allot. I just hope things will change in the near future.

    Savannah is gaining weight AND getting taller by the minute. Shes as tall as the boys in her class. I'm not handling that very well. lol

  • Shannon says:

    That's terrible! I understand completely. Any free time I even have is used running errands, cleaning, etc. I've been looking for something else that will allow me to be home more often.

    I hope the little one is feeling better.

    Maybe once you get all settled in completely, your scheduling will change.

  • Tai says:

    I hope the baby feels better. I hate when children are sick. Your son reminds me of my nephew - he never gains weight.

    The job - it feels as if I'm always working myself with mines so I definitely know how you feel. I would say it'll get better but it doesn't. You become your job. It's just you and the job. But I do hope they lighten up with the weekend thing.