Miss Ivy: 8 Weeks

My baby girl is 8 weeks old! Time is really flying these days. It seems as if I was pregnant forever. We had a little photo shoot today...and yesterday, too! I'm working on getting sharp images in low natural light. Here are my favorites:

ISO too high - Shutter Speed to low

This shot is edited.

I love CM[1. Clickin' Moms]! I was able to acheive this almost perfect[2. As far as sharpness goes...] shot. I'm definitely getting a lifetime subscription when my current one ends.

In other news...JJ is fully potty trained after three months! He's only had 2 night time accidents and those were my fault[3. Reminder to not give him anything to drink before bed...]. He's so good now, that he actually gets up and goes in the middle of the night! I'm proud of my baby. He started training when he was ready, and he's amazing!

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  • Christine says:

    She is seriously the perfect blend of you and Jay at least in my opinion! Just beautiful and I love that she's sticking her tongue out in that first one. 🙂