Happy One Month

Chunk[1. My nickname for Ivy...] is one month old today! She's getting to be a ton of fun, now that she stays awake longer. She's such a happy baby, and I really hope she stays that way.

I have eight more weeks to spend with my babies before I have to return to work. Ivy hates bottles and pacifiers right now. I'm going to exclusively breastfeed for another month before I attempt to transition her. I also need to get on the ball with looking for a daycare. I was set on sending them back to the one I used with JJ, but that's on the other side of town. I'm probably going to start on Monday, just to be sure that I can secure some spots at whichever I choose.

J and I have discussed me being a stay-at-home mom. My parents don't think it's a good idea, but I'm really considering it. After April 21st, I'll be working from 8-5:30[2. 6:30 on Fridays] and some Saturdays. I'm mostly worried about not having much time to spend with my children. They are my life, you know? *sigh* Life is too complicated. Here's a few more photos from today.

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  • Nellie says:

    I completely understand, going back to work post baby is so tough!! Try to enjoy the little time you have now before you have to transition back. Good luck with finding a proper daycare!

  • Ash says:

    I remember seeing pictures of your belly WAITING for babygirl to arrive. I miss them being that little just not wanting to wake up every so often. My son JUST started sleeping thru the night. And, it's been 2 years already since he's been that little. MAN. But, he was breastfed for a LONG time. Well, almost 2 years. She's a beauty tho. I cannnot believe how fast time flew by! If you're able to be a SAHM and financially you're able to -- DO IT. You get to 1) experience all the milestones of your children, 2) you won't miss your children and 3) I don't have a #3. But, it's a blessing. I mean, I was a SAHM with my daughter -- and it costs a lot to have a sitter unless you get 'em for free. IT's your getaway to be able to work. But, I missed my daughter, I worked for 5 months. Then with my son, I go to school full time and I tried to work part time -- NO TIME with my kids. So I quit my job after I lost my mom and just do full time school.

    I'm happy for you. Is your daughter way different from your son? Mines are alike yet different. My son was a clingy baby but my daughter didn't mind being a chillaxed baby. It was nice.

    • moi says:

      They have some similarities. They both get really upset easily. JJ was more independent. Ivy is the clingy one. She won't sleep by herself or stay alone for a long time. JJ has never needed a nightlight..she's afraid of the dark.

      I'm going to work for a while just to replace my time for maternity leave. After that I'm not sure what's going to happen.

  • Kay says:

    She's beautiful. I'm sure she will stay happy. Breast feeding is great. I would love to have that experience. Savannah didn't want to be breast feed. 🙁

    In my own opinion, I would be a stay at home mom. I don't think there is anyone that could care for my kids better than I can, If you guys can afford it then you should consider it. If there is a growing opportunity at your job then why not see where it take you.