Hello Monday

Baby Ivy is four weeks old today! And...

The weekend is over![1. Not that it matters much to me...] JJ's play date went well. I had a great time talking with my friend/coworker. My parents also made a surprise visit! Dad helped me reposition the shelves in the cabinet that I wanted to put J's supplements in.[2. Yes...he needs an ENTIRE cabinet.] I can see my bar now!

Yesterday, it didn't rain.[3. So happy about that!] The weather was very nice and warm, so we went to church and my parents house. It was Ivy's first time going to church. She stayed awake the entire time, and didn't cry once!

Everyone loved her tutu and tights. They thought she had on shoes. I'm not a girly girl, but outfits like this make me want to be... At least when I'm shopping for her.

My brother and his boys drove up from Georgia to see the baby, and JJ had a blast with them. It's so great to see him interacting with other children. He doesn't talk about it, but I'm sure he misses his friends at the day care. April isn't too far away, though.

I'm off to check out Foodgawker.[4. Thanks, Ash]

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  • Nellie says:

    So nice that she was a good baby in church! She must have been too cute. My two boys were quite the opposite however, they weren't having any of it. smh. lol