Sole Society Review

As a part of my Holiday Voxbox, I received a coupon for $25 off a pair of Sole Society shoes. At first, I wasn't too impressed with their selection. I like wedged heels, so I decided to order a pair.

I placed my order for their Shiloh wedges on December 29th. The process was very simple and took maybe five minutes. I never received a confirmation of the shoes shipping, but they arrived on January 8th via UPS. The packaging was simple, but nice. The shoes seem to be a pretty good quality, but I'm not sure it's worth the $50 price tag.

According to reviews, the Shiloh is said to be a true fit. I found it true for the left foot, but the right foot seems too small. I couldn't even keep it on long enough to stand up, because it hurt so bad. I found myself checking the size to make sure it was the same as the other. I'm currently in the process of stretching it, to see if that helps.

Would I buy another pair from them? Probably not. I'd rather buy my shoes in person. That way, I know that the shoes will fit. With these shoes from Sole Society, I don't want to send them back and receive a new pair with the same issue.

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