"Fish! Fish!"

6:52pm. It's been longer than I wanted since I've last blogged, but I promise that I have been busy! Work has been stressful, as usual, but I'm not going to dwell on that... Married life...after a whole 24 hours, my husband did decide to talk to me again. [1. All is well now!] We decided that we wanted to do something for JJ on Saturday. We ended up...

AT THE ZOO! It was JJ's first time ever at a zoo, and he was beyond excited.
Riverbanks ZooMy sister joined us since she lives in the area. It was great to see her.
SharkOur first stop was the aquarium. JJ sees the fish tanks and starts screaming,

Fish! Fish! Daddy! Mommy! Fish!

AquariumAfter the aquarium, we saw some zebras and ostriches.
RabbitWe finally made our way over to the petting zoo. They had cows, goats, horses, rabbits, and other things.
I wasn't looking!We decided to take a family photo in the gorilla exhibit. I don't know where I was looking, but this was the best shot.
Gorilla exhibitThis gorilla was hilarious. The other one wasn't near as friendly.
Lion ExhibitWe were about to leave when we visited the Africa exhibit. My husband's favorite animal is the lion, so it wouldn't have been right to leave without seeing them. [2. Despite the fact that it was hot... very hot.]
My boysWe decided to get ice cream cones before we left the zoo. The line was long, but my boys kept themselves entertained...
Begging for ice creamAfter we got our ice cream, we ended up stopping every few seconds so that JJ could eat his.

On Sunday, I was only interested in relaxing, but I ended up Spring cleaning. I only have JJ's room and our office left. Needless to say...it was a pizza night...

♥ Moi

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  • Cori says:

    We went to the zoo this weekend, too! The boys look so cute and it looks like you guys had a great time.

  • Shanice says:

    Awww it looks like you guys had fun. You have a beautiful family, and JJ is adorable!

  • Kay says:

    I can't wait to take Savannah back to the zoo. You guys are looking like a happy family. JJ looks more in tuned with the excitement around him. The way it should be.

  • Darianne says:

    He's too cute. You guys had a great time I see.

  • becki says:

    Your son is far too cute!!