Happy Friday!

9:42pm. I have never been so happy for a Friday... [1. Well, I'm sure I have been in the past, but it still sounds good.] My boss has been doing the most this week. She's been practically driving me mad. I was okay with her pushing all of her work off on me. [2. Making me call customers that she was supposed to return calls to a week ago and such.] Then it was pushing back my lunch hours until I was almost passing out from low blood sugar. Today I was over it. I understand that she's my boss, but there has to be some boundaries.

In other news, I finally got my vision prescription updated. I used my insurance to get my year supply of contacts, but the glasses at the vision care center were extremely overpriced. My mother uses this great site called EyeBuyDirect, so I decided to get a couple of pairs from there since my new doctor didn't hesitate to give me a copy of my prescription.

The only con is that I can't try on the glasses to see what they look like, but I always get the same style, so I'm not too overly concerned.

Other than that, it's the weekend, and I have an entire package of Birthday Cake Oreos to celebrate.

♥ Moi

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