She Did What?

A color update on Ohembe! Yup. Grey and Hot Pink. Loves it!

We did get the place! It’s a little more than we expected (2 months rent and deposit) but it’s nothing that we can’t handle. A new townhouse…2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and spacious enough for the both of us. Gotta love that. My dad is giving us a flat screen HDTV. I thinks its 48″. He’s also giving us a furniture set for the living room.

We’ve also decided that we’re going to scratch the big wedding and have a simple one….in December instead of February. Yes, I know!

Also, I start the new job on the 29th. I have to turn in my notice at Harris Teeter soon before it’s too late. I think a week’s notice is better than no notice at all.

I think that covers everything. The registry at Target is still being added to. Invitations need to be redone. Oh yeah, and I ordered my veil as well.

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