An Open Heart

Thanks for all the support everyone. I’m glad that you love the theme as much as I do. I worked really really hard on it. So thanks…again. 😆

So, I was commenting on Miss Ivy’s post “Why Do You Blog?” the other day and I just felt the need to make my own post about why I blog.

She asked 3 questions:

Why is it that I blog? How did I start blogging? Why am I still blogging?

So first: I blog because it’s fun. It’s a way for me to interact with others who care enough to read about my life and comment on it. I’ve grown to love everyone who I’ve met and exchanged comments with over the past few years. It’s also a great way to get things off of my chest, since I normally do that by writing anyway.

Second: I started blogging in November of 2003. My boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up and I didn’t really have anyone to turn to. So here I am. I started blogging at and then got my first domain (GirlKill). I’ve been changing homes ever since then. Doesn’t feel like 4 years.

Third: I still blog because I love it. I love being able to write about my life. I love working on themes and being able to say that I did that. I love having a site. I have so many ideas and so many thoughts…now I have two extra years to express myself online. 😉

But yeah. Just felt the need to get all of that off of my chest. ♥ I’m not off again until Thursday…so yeah. I’ll try to post again before then.

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