Words alone can’t describe how pissed I am. So, Wanda needed my social security card so she can make a copy of it for my file at Harris Teeter, and I go to my wallet (where I keep it) to pull it out, and BAM! The shit’s not in there. I searched my entire car, my house 50 million times and I can’t find it anywhere. So, I wake up yesterday morning, and I’m thinking to myself…I didn’t see my birth certificate either. Go back to my wallet, and guess what? No birth certificate. I asked Nani (the girl who’s sister got fired from Food Lion because she’s illegal) because she was the only person in my car besides me. She claims she didn’t see it, but last time I checked, social security cards and birth certificates didn’t have legs. I just find it quite odd, that I’ve kept them in the same spot (behind my driver’s license and voter’s registration card) since high school, only to find that I have both my DL and VRC, but none of the other two. I swear if I find out who took it, I’m gonna punch the bitch in the face for taking my shit. /* end of rant

I’ll return comments when I get off from work tonight. I think I’m going to call out tomorrow, so I can get everything straightened out with my missing info. Gotta check my credit report, call IRS, go to Vital Records to get another birth certificate, and go to the Social Security office to get another card. Sounds like a whole day worth of shit. I’m out.

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