Is it Just me...

Or is everyone’s version of Microsoft XP downloading these wierd security fixes that makes it mandatory to restart your computer as soon as it’s done? Then after it restarts, it starts acting crazy. It took me about 5 minutes just to get my Firefox browser open, and my internet is running as slow as molasses.

Anyway, as you can see, I can take pictures again. I’ve been away downloading music (legally) and taking pictures with the new phone. Still trying to get the hang of all of the features though. To people in NC, SC, and some parts of GA or TN, you can get the phone from Suncom for 200 bucks with a 2-year contract as of yesterday…350 w/ no contract, and 320 w/ a 1-yr. I payed 370 total (312 for phone, the rest for overnight shipping). I love it though…the newest best investment I’ve ever made.

Work has been getting back to normal…slowly. They are slowly coming out of hiding…it costs money to live, so they can’t just…abandon their jobs, you know? We only had 2 that disappeared completely off the map, mainly because they had other jobs besides Food Lion. Either way, my hours are back to normal. YAY! I’m just like…screw the extra money…I miss my life.

I have a lot of comments to return…thanks for all the love. I’m gonna go do that now. Later!

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