What's up? I've been busy...again. I finished the 3 tests and got out of my online class with a 91. I gave my speech on healthy eating habits. Now I just have to go print out my notes for Psychology. My professor is so great, he put them all online so we don't have to write them in class. WOOHOO!
I've seen Vince (the ex) twice, and Kevin once this week. Vince and I talked for hours about how I've changed. Since then, I've decided that I'm not happy with the person I am now, and I've decided that I want to change some things back to the way they were. That's been working really well. I'm even going to start running everyday. And I'm going to stay away from no-good men who only want one thing.
Other than that, I went to Goodwill today and got some t-shirts! I'm going to start reconstructing again, once I can figure out how to get the bobbin right in this sewing machine. For those of you who don't know what that is, you can check out T-Shirt Surgery. Okay..my head hurts really bad, so I'll update again.....sometime. LATAZ!

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