2 Days, 2 Dates, 2 Guys

Okay. So, I'm at home on Friday...spending the ENTIRE day talking to Kevin (the new guy). My other phone rings, and it's Jarvis (a friend of my sister's). He asked me if I wanted to go to the movies, and I told him that I had plans for Saturday night. Then he's like well, you can watch 2 different movies, so I agreed and said okay. So we get to the theater, and the movie he wants to see is sold out (which is okay because me and Kevin were planning on watching that same movie), so we saw "Hitch" instead. After that, we went to Applebee's where his ex-girlfriend was the waitress. I swear that was the most awkward (sp?) meal of my entire life. He tried talking to me on the way home, and I was making it clear that I wasn't interested. That's when he asked me if I was seeing Kevin. I told him that me and Kevin were only friends for now.
Saturday: My sister's moving back in the house, so we were moving her stuff out of her apartment. I was looking raggedy as hell (ripped jeans, dirty shirt, uncombed hair) when she announced that Kevin (KB) was coming over to help move some stuff. So he gets there and I avoid him...completely for 3 whole hours. Then...everyone comes to my house. While I was in the shower, my sister showed him all of my baby pictures. (But this is only the beginning.) We go back to my sister's house so she can get dressed, and he slaps me...so we ended up fighting. When we got to the movies (we rode in 2 separate cars..me and my sister, him and my sister's boyfriend), he avoided me the ENTIRE time. So after the movie is over, he practically runs out of the theater, so I walked back to my sister's car, got in, and slammed the door shut. Then he comes to the door, and he's like "Are you mad at me about something? What did I do?" I just stared at him in awe and shook my head. So he says, "Well, I'll call you tomorrow."
I swear I wanted to say don't call me so freakin bad. But I didn't. I ended up calling him...then he pissed me off again, and I told him that I hated him. Saying that hurt his feelings, and he was all like do you really feel that way about me, and I'm like fuck yeah. So he gets quiet, and I tell him that there is no point in holding the phone and not saying anything. Then I hung up.
Then guess who calls? Vincent. Someone has been telling him every move I make. He knows that I was at Kevin's on Tuesday. He can even tell me what I ate at Applebee's on Friday. Isn't that wierd? I think he's stalking me....or someone is. I mean...I wasn't even in my car when I went to Kevin's. *sigh* Psycho people.
Sorry that this is so long. That's what happens when you don't blog in forever.

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