I'm In Lust

[edit]I checked the coding, and the cookiecheck.php was missing. Must have done that when I was playing around the other day.[/edit]
I saw Kevin today! We're going out on Saturday...that should be interesting. I'm trying not to get emotionally attached, but I think he could be "Man of the Next Few Months". That's if he quits being so damn demanding. Poor guy doesn't understand yet....I run things!
Vince called me last night....and the night before. Man I wish he would just give it up already. I didn't tell him about Kevin, yet. I don't feel like he's on a need-to-know level yet...and me and Kevin aren't really "official". (I'm getting the hints though).
I have so much homework...3 online tests are due by March 2, a speech is due on March 1, Spanish homework on the 28th.....site update. UGH! It's gonna be a busy weekend. I need to get started on some things. LATAZ!!!

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