Say It Ain't So

I don't know where to start. My feet are swollen.  It hurts really bad, so anything I say or do CANNOT be used against me at any time.

First off, I saw my ex (Vince) today.  We ended up fighting...not verbally, but actual hitting. It's a long story. So yeah...he was looking at my gorgeous new phone, and he started going through the numbers. So, he gets to Chris's number. Remember? The crazy guy from West Palm Beach, Florida. So here's the "basic" conversation:

HIM: Who's Chris?

ME: Some crazy guy who keeps calling me.

H: Where's he from?

M: West Palm Beach.

H: (looks at number again) Chris is my boy. We live right next to each other.

Wow! Just my  luck. He said he was gonna call Chris tonight. I'm not worried, though. I don't have anything to hide....not about Chris at least. So everyone...I mean EVERYONE knows that I was at Vince's today. Damn, I hate living in such a small town. So anyway, I called Chris, and practically cursed him out. Then I realized that he knows Vince as Carlos (his middle name). He goes into that whole he should've known speech.  Riiiiiiiiight! I always feel like I'm being set up by Vince. At first, I felt upset about seeing him. Then, I could've sworn he was burning a hole through me..staring at my body. (I've changed a lot since the last time he's seen me) And that made me feel so much better knowing that he wanted me, and that I could say no.  Hopefully, he'll be gone by Wednesday. I have to stop by to pick up something from his mother, and I don't think I could bare seeing him twice in the same week.

I think that just about sums up my day. Lataz!!